intelACe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is intelACe?

intelACe is an “Intelligent Air Conditioner Efficiency” controller which makes your Air Conditioners and Refrigeration units run efficiently, saving you money.

What can I achieve by installing intelACe?

IntelACe’s upgrades any normal Air Conditioner & Refrigeration unit to operate with the best energy performance no matter what the user setting or environment condition is. It will help you to SAVE at least 30% on your utility / electricity bill for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Where can I use intelACe?

intelACe can be installed on all existing Air-conditioners of any size such as:

  • Non-Inverter and Inverter Air Conditioners.
  • Wall Mount & Cassette Air Conditioners.
  • Single Phase & 3 Phase Air Conditioners.
  • Commercial Refrigerant units.
How does intelACe work?

intelACe is an intelligent controller which optimizes the air conditioner operation under all user and environment condition. It accurately measures the room temperature and detects the compressor duty cycle which enables the implementation of intelligent control.

This approach ensures the required room temperature is achieved, optimal compressor operation achieved and thermodynamic saturation of refrigerant (energy wastage) is avoided.

Who can install intelAce?

intelACe is not a DIY device. It should be installed by an experienced electrician, air-con installer or your intelACe distributor.

When should I install intelAce?

You should seriously consider installing intelACe when you use an air conditioner for more than 6 hours per day. Of course, you can still install intelACe if your daily usage is less than 6 hours but usage of more than 6 hours gives a compelling economic reason.

How easy is it to use intelAce?

Anyone who knows how to operate a standard air conditioner can use intelACe. Just press the temperature up or down button to select the required room condition. Better yet, intelACe is automatically configured for best comfort and savings, so you don’t need to do anything.

Will intelACe installation void the existing Air Conditioner Warranty?

intelACe installation does NOT require / involve any modification to the Air Conditioner, as such it will not void the warranty.

Is intelACe safe for use?

intelACe is fully tested and certified safe to use, certified to CE LVD with approvals under EN60730-1 & EN60730-2-9.

How much can I save by installing intelACe?

You can save at least 30% savings of your electricity bill without compromising your comfort level and without affecting the safety, reliability or functionality of your Air Conditioner.

How long is the warranty for intelACe?

Your intelACe is covered by two years warranty against manufacturing defects. You need to register your intelACe within 7days of purchase on the website.

Does intelACe need any maintenance or servicing?

NO maintenance & NO servicing required for intelACe; however standard maintenance and servicing for the air conditioner still applies.