Where to use intelACe?

intelACe can be installed to all existing Air Conditioners of any size and Commercial Refrigerant units:

  • Non-Inverter and Inverter
  • Wall Mount & Cassette
  • Single Phase & 3 Phase

intelACe provides a smart control which is an improvement upon existing thermostat based control in Air Cons. Optimization of compressor operation under all user and environment conditions are achieved.

  • Compressor control is an active and intelligent.
  • Prevention of thermodynamic saturation.
  • Full utilization of cooling capacity in cooling coil (heat exchanger).

intelACe accurately measures the room temperature and detects the compressor duty cycle. This information is processed by intelACe which then implements intelligent control over the compressor.

This approach ensures the required room temperature is achieved, optimal compressor operation achieved and thermodynamic saturation of refrigerant (energy wastage) is avoided.

The intelligent control ensures room temperature is maintained within 0.5°C of the setpoint and is displayed. Temperature max and min readings are able recorded and displayed at the press of a button.